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Tago was born out of two friend’s passions for helping each other and others achieve the healthiest life possible and overall wellness. Even though they have known each other for more than 30 years, it was Ana’s experience with cancer that brought them closer together and led them to partner for the adventure of a lifetime. As a team, Tathiana and Ana each have their own area of focus, expertise, and stories to share. They believe that sharing their stories – whether they are tales of success or trials and tribulations – is important to educate and inspire others. They keep each other balanced and focused on the mission: “empowering, motivating and encouraging others to shift slowly to habits that bring wellness in all realms of the word.”

Tathiana and Ana always strove to find balance in their lives, but they became even more passionate about it after life threw curve balls they were not prepared for, but that had a profound impact. It was during these tough times that essential oils and natural stones entered their lives, bringing them a sense of wellbeing and calmness they had to share with others.

Thanks to Tathiana’s role as a Canadian travel agent and Ana’s readiness to pack her bags, travelling to explore how different cultures improve health and enrich lives through the use of natural wellness has helped us grow and find inspiration. We offer the best of our discoveries through Tago while supporting other small businesses and ethically sourced products. We offer high-quality oils, crystals, wellness beads, and more. Most of our natural stone bracelets are hand-made with love, as are our soaps. All our items encourage you to breathe wellness while connecting your senses.

We would be honoured to be a part of your journey towards improved wellness.


Tathy & Ana

Tathiana Gonzalez (Tathy)

I’m Tathiana, a co-owner of Tago. My Colombian roots and love of nature, specifically bodies of water, have shaped the way I approach life. From my “going with the flow” attitude and my eagerness to grow from experiencing new cultures to the value I place on being connected to the earth.


When I’m not helping clients find the best natural wellness products, you’ll find me helping people travel the world and coaching people to dance their way to better health as a certified Zumba instructor. I’m a Canadian, travel agent, lover of sunflowers, and a free spirit who feeds my soul with music any chance I get.

Ana Gonzalez

I’m Ana, co-owner of Tago. A “warrior” as they call me, and a survivor. I fought cancer not only for myself but for my family. Cancer causes you to see the world through a new lens; one that encourages you to look for the gifts, the silver linings, and the hope.


When things were especially rough, a good friend introduced me to using essential oils. I was hesitant that they could deliver on the magical healing qualities they were said to have, but I was open to taking the chance. I’m so glad I did! I’ve been using essential oils for over 4 years and can confidently say they work even better than I ever could have imagined.

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